What is your go-to date activity… drinks at the local bar? An art exhibit? Nice. Yawn. Break out of the box & do something scary.

Did you know: fear releases endorphins – chemicals in your brain – that create a euphoric feeling. Like when exercising, flying, or eating amazing food. Studies show, when you release these feelings on a date (mmmm…ahhh) – your partner mentally links this awesome feeling with YOU. Sounds like a reaction you may want to trigger, no?

So where can you find scary fun in Switzerland (with minimal actual risk of harm, of course)? Recycling on a Sunday? You can do better.

~ A Ropes Course

All the dangers of climbing in trees, while safely secured. Try the Pilatus Ropes Park – where you can even organize a free fall of 20 meters. If you date’s heart isn’t pounding after this – they may in fact be a cyborg. (Side note: good way to see if your date is a cyborg!) http://www.pilatus.ch/en/pilatus-active/summer/fun-action/pilatus-rope-park/

~ Go Tobogganing

Try the “Big Pintenfritz” – from the summit to Grindelwald, the 15-kilometer run has a vertical drop of 1,600 meters. Pack a GoPro too for an instant second-date excuse: watching the footage and laughing at your wind-swept faces.

~ Shoot Stuff

Nothing living, of course. That’s mean. But the Brünig Indoor Shooting range has plenty of inanimate objects to shoot at, like targets and clay discs. In fact, it’s the world’s only underground shooting range. Plus the protective goggles you wear can be pretty scary. http://www.bruenigindoor.ch/de/

~ Creepy Crawlies

Head to the Zoo Zürich, but bypass the cute koalas. Instead grab your date’s hand in the snake and reptile houses. Next, check out the spiders. You know that one place in your apartment where spiders lurk? Yeah, these are way bigger.

Of course, a good scary movie can also do the trick for a chilling date experience. Caution! Things that are frightening but not in a hot way: your karaoke voice at 1:00am, or those Ikea sheets that have been on your bed the last two weeks (or all month). Other than that, be creative and get the adrenaline flowing!

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